Molyneux: “A Lot Of Fable III Is Commercial”

In an extensive interview with Gamasutra, Peter Molyneux has made it clear that Fable III has been designed with a commercial outlook in mind.

“A lot of [Fable III] is commercial. A lot of it is.” Molyneux said, “… that’s what accessibility and simplicity are — making sure, when you get the game, within a few minutes you’re understanding who you are and who your allies are.”

According to the Lionhead developer, this embrace of commercialism doesn’t have to mean a lack of innovation or creative bravery. “I think that you can be unbelievably brave and be commercial as well. I don’t think one is the polar opposite of the other,” he said.

“Why can’t pieces of art be as successful as anything else? I think they should be; I think there’s very good reason to be.”Elsewhere in the interview, Molyneux celebrates the end of the “arduous” in-game tutorial and challenges the assumption that complexity in a game must necessarily equal depth.

Fable III will be coming to Xbox 360 and PC in time for Christmas 2010.