Monaco dev: Thief 4’s tagline infingement is “pretty funny”


If you’ve watched the latest Thief 4 video, you may have noticed the tagline “What’s yours is mine” popping up at the end. As it happens, that exact same tagline is used by Andy Schatz (and has been since 2003) for his upcoming heist title Monaco.

So, what we have here is a game based around thievery “stealing” a tagline from … another game based around pilfering stuff. Somehow, this seems oddly appropriate.

“It’s actually pretty funny,” says Schatz on twitter, before adding “It’s all good everyone, hopefully this won’t be a big deal. I probably shouldn’t comment any further until its worked out just to be safe.”

Emails are no doubt being exchanged right now. Let’s hope it all gets sorted out in a friendly fashion (maybe a spot of cross-promotion for both titles is in order.)

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