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It’s been five years since Studio Aurum founder, Jason Walsh, began developing Monster Crown as a passion project. It took him four years to get to Steam Early Access. Now, after a year in early access, the dark monster taming RPG has evolved to the point where it is ready for a full release. The create-collector with a dark side marks its launch with an overview trailer that will give you a good idea of what’s in store for Monster Crown.

Over the course of early access, Monster Crown received over 40 updates. These included ten content updates, the release of new monsters (of which there was already a vast number), and the opening of new regions.


Monsters come in all shapes and sizes

There’s a lot of references to monsters in Monster Crown. You make pacts with them to help grow in power and, in return, they keep tamers safe. However, during your adventures on Crown Island, you’ll soon discover that the monsters aren’t necessarily the monstrous ones. You’ll encounter evil in many forms, and eventually, you’ll be faced with a choice to become a savior or a dark messiah. Monster Crown is a far cray from the far more light-hearted Pokémon.

In the new launch trailer for Monster Crown, you can see that there are plenty of monsters for you to make pacts with around the island. You’ll also spend hours breeding these monsters to create new species that can become even more powerful. There are over 200 base monsters in Monster Crown, and you can create more than 1,200 in total.

If you’d like to learn more about one of the more unique creature collectors around, you can check out my preview of Monster Crown. You can also get some insights into the game from its creator, Jason Walsh, in our developer interview.

PC players can purchase Monster Crown through Steam.

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