Monster Hunter Coming To 360

Capcom has announced that it is porting PC-only monster hunting MMO Monster Hunter Frontier to the Xbox 360 in Japan.The news comes from the Xbox Japan event, via Kotaku, with Capcom revealing that the 2007 PC MMO will hit the Xbox 360 in summer.The idea appears to be to start off with a 360 closed beta in May, with the launch to happen in summer. Interestingly, mention is made of eventually merging the 360 server and the PC server, which would presumably make this a cross-platform game – one of the first we’ve heard of in awhile.The title will apparently be priced at 1400 Yen a month (about £9.60 GBP) on top of the Xbox LIVE subscription. Bearing in mind that this announcement was made in Japan, and that Monster Hunter Frontier has been available since 2007 but has never hit the western world, we’re not sure if we’ll see it over here.Still, considering the push that’s being made with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on the PSP and Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, it’s not implausible that it’ll end up over here if it does well.

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