Monster Hunter Now Special Skill Use & List – What does each ability do?

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If you’ve played any Monster Hunter game in the past, you’d know that while hunting creatures is what the game revolves around, preparing for the fight completes everything. This comes in the form of weapons and skills. For the mobile entry, Monster Hunter Now, a lot of that hasn’t changed. You still need to find weapons that are strong enough to defend yourself. The difference now is that you earn powerful moves called Special Skill attacks. For every weapon, there’s a Special Attack, so it makes combat kind of versatile. To make your encounters even more interesting, you can read this list on how to use the Special Skills. Plus, we’ll go over what each ability does.

Every Special Skill in Monster Hunter Now – How to get them, and what they do

At the time of writing this, there are around six Special Skills you can get for each weapon type. Your normal moveset is going to be the main way to attack, which makes them easier to do. For Special Skill attacks, patience is required because these moves are somewhat harder to learn and master. To get these Special Attacks, get past the Prologue and start the first chapter. So let’s go over each Special Skill attack. 

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  • Hammer Special Skill: Spinning Bludgeon – This short-range attack has a lot of potential. You’ll spin several times resulting in an upward smash-like attack. If you manage to hit the target with this attack, you could take away a large chunk of their health. 
  • Bow Special Skill: Dragon Piercer – One of the easier Special Skills attacks to do, but still, timing plays a large role. Upon activation, the skill allows you to pierce through the enemy, yielding high damage. If you set yourself in a spot where all the arrows can land, you can easily take down monsters faster this way. 
  • Light Bow Gun Special Skill: Wyvernblash – Probably the easiest skills to use. You just shoot larger bullets into the monster, which can give out a large amount of damage.
  • Great Sword Special Skill: True Charged Slash – Using your Great Sword, the skill sends out a downward dash attack that deals heavy damage. However, have good timing with this attack, because if you miss it can go against you.
  • Sword and Shield Special Skill: Perfect Rush Combo – This attack may be one of the harder ones to land. You need to hit a multi-hit combo for it to have an impact. So make sure you time this attack right. 
  • Long Sword Special Skill: Spirit Helm Breaker – With your long sword, you send out multiple jabs at an enemy causing heavy damage. However, this attack has a good chance of not landing since your target can and will dodge attacks. So keep that in mind. 

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How to use Special Skills

Activating the attacks is easy to do, just make sure to check the list above before using the skills. Whichever weapon you have equipped, the process will still be the same. After you’ve selected a weapon to use, there will be a gauge that appears at the bottom of the screen just above your health. As you attack, the gauge fills up. When it’s at 100 percent, you can tap the gauge to start the attack.  As long as you’re attacking consistently, you could use these Special Skill attacks more often. But the trade-off is that they might not all the time hit the target.

Monster Hunter Now is available now via iOS and Google Playstore.

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