Monster Hunter Rise will release on PC in January, demo coming in October

Monster Hunter Rise Pc Release Demo October Feat

Tokyo Game Show 2021 has officially started, which means we’re going to get all kinds of gaming news coming out of the land of the rising sun. Today, Capcom held a special presentation that was heavy on all things Monster Hunter. There was a nod toward esports in there (and a brief concert), but mostly it was about hunting those mons. Specifically, Capcom presented the PC version and a December release date for Monster Hunter Rise, which is also getting a PC demo in October. For those of you asking about how good the game will be on PC, Capcom hears you loud and clear.

The Monster Hunter Rise PC version is breaking free of its restraints. The game looked good when it launched on Nintendo Switch not long ago. But it will have all-new life breathed into it once it gets unleashed onto PC. Monster Hunter Rise will include: support for ultrawide screen monitors and resolutions up to 4K, an uncapped framerate, high-resolution textures, and optimization for mouse and keyboard controls. It’s sounding like a complete package, but, wait, there’s more.


Monster Hunter Rise on PC will come with all the post-launch content from the Switch version up to the end of November. I’m not sure if this includes any of the paid DLC, but I’m leaning toward a no. This likely alludes to the Title Updates, which added new monsters — like the Chameleos — to track down and hunt. Capcom will detail upcoming content at a later time.

You might get a Rise out of the Monster Hunter demo next month

Of course, you’ll be able to experience all the PC perks once the demo hits. Fans will be able to check out the Steam demo for Monster Hunter Rise on October 13. It’ll include online solo and multiplayer options for up to four players, so you don’t have to hunt alone. You’ll also get the chance to replay the demo to test out the game’s 14 available weapons. There are also tutorials for new hunters.

Monster Hunter Rise will release for PC on January 12, 2022. And it won’t be long before new content lands. Its expansion, Sunbreak, will launch next summer.

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