Monster Hunter Rise: How to ride wyverns

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Ride Wyvern Mounted Punisher

Monster Hunter Rise not only lets you eliminate or capture monsters, but you can also mount them. Doing so leads to a rather short bout between two behemoths (assuming there’s another one nearby). It’s also a decent way to deal more damage and break more parts off the creature. Here’s our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak guide to help you ride wyverns in the base game and the expansion.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How to ride wyverns

The quest that teaches you how to ride wyverns in Monster Hunter Rise appears fairly early on in the campaign. You’ll find it from the Quest Counter, and the NPC that’ll help you learn the basics is Master Utsushi. Once you start it, there’s a short sequence in the arena where he tells you about the basics. Then, you’ll have to jump down the pit to fight an Arzuros.

From here, you’ll want to deal a ton of damage to your foe. This will cause your target to drop down, with silk twirling around it. You should see a prompt to mount the creature, which is as simple as pressing the attack button.

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Once you’re on the beast, you’ll see several controls on your HUD:

  • Move – The button must be held down, allowing you to move in a lateral direction.
  • Light Attack versus Strong Attack – Light attacks have faster animations, whereas strong attacks have a wind-up time.
  • Evade – This causes the monster to do a backstep to reposition and avoid an attack (more on combat mechanics in a while).
  • Launch Monster – Press this button to cause the monster to ram straight into an obstacle or a wall. This action deals significantly higher damage to it, though it will try to buck you off as well. If there’s no other large opponent nearby, then your best bet is to launch your mount to cause damage, followed by the evade button and another launch move. You can do this thrice if you’re lucky before you’re automatically thrown off.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Ride Wyvern Mounted Punisher 1

Fights between monsters: Mounted Punisher and breaking parts

There are times in Monster Hunter Rise when two large beasts end up in the same area. In many instances, they’ll become aggressive and territorial, battling each other for dominance. The first monster to get hit will usually get downed, allowing you to press the prompt so you can ride that wyvern.

At this stage, it becomes a short “Kaiju versus Kaiju” bout. Ideally, you’ll want to use a strong attack, followed by an evade, then another strong attack. This sequence lets you deal tremendous damage while also avoiding your opponent’s strikes. If you manage to fill up the meter at the bottom, you can perform a Mounted Punisher move by pressing both attack buttons. You’ll be able to brutally maul your defenseless foe to unleash decent damage. Moreover, there are cases when the opposing target will get up and attack the creature that you previously mounted. Because of this, you’ll have another opportunity to mount the other monster so it can punish its rival.

Note 1: Successful attacks when you ride a wyvern in Monster Hunter Rise may also break off parts from the opposing target. This is a great way to farm additional crafting materials.

Note 2: Followers in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak are able to ride wyverns, too. The AI is pretty smart, and they can manage to get a few massive hits in while you’re striking the target with just your character.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Ride Wyvern Mounted Punisher 2

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available via Steam.

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