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After months of trailers and anticipation, the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DLC expansion is finally available. To coincide with the expansion’s release, Capcom is providing a free update for Monster Hunter Rise. As you might expect, this free update adds a whole host of new features to the game, although many of them will require players to buy Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to access them. But even if you do not plan on purchasing the expansion at this time, the update will provide plenty of features and quality-of-life changes for base game Monster Hunter fans should enjoy.

One of the more interesting additions that do not require the expansion comes in the form of “new attacks added for each weapon type that combo from landing after a jump or a fall.” The base version of Monster Hunter Rise already provides tons of attack options for the player, so this on top of the additions the Sunbreak expansion will bring should make the combat all the more engaging.


What else is there?

The Sunbreak update brings various quality-of-life changes to Monster Hunter Rise. These include the ability to cancel potion-drinking animations and the removal of these animations when at full health. Additionally, players can now run on walls without having to initiate a Wiredash, which should make environmental traversal much snappier than before. Players also have more space in their item box than before, although running out of space in the base game felt practically impossible to do anyway.

The patch notes for the new Monster Hunter Rise update include many more changes and additions where that came from. If you want to look at them all, be prepared to stay on that page for a long time. Whether you will purchase Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak or not, this update should provide a decent incentive to pick up the game again.

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