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Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1 has been packed to the brim with content. From a new map, to the introduction of Shield Kegs and more, there is something for everyone. It appears that Epic Games are not slowing down on making more additions to the battle royale. The latest Fortnite update has reintroduced the fan-favorite Tilted Towers point of interest and debuted monsters.

A new creature named Klombos has made itself at home on the island. According to Epic Games, it is friendly unless you decide to provoke it. You can approach a Klombos and climb its tail to reach the blowhole on its head. Then, you will be launched into the air which can prove useful when rotating to the next circle or when you are trying to escape a difficult situation.


These monsters love to eat, and they will eat almost anything you put in front of them. However, their favorite food is apparently Klomberries. They can be picked from bushes, and all you have to do is throw a berry near the Klombos to calm it or lead it your way. After the monster is fed a snack, they will sneeze out other items for you to collect.

Tilted Towers is back in Fortnite

Snow on the island continues to melt, and it has at last uncovered Tilted Towers. The point of interest is back to give longtime fans a hit of nostalgia. Also, the Grenade Launcher has returned from the vault, and you can find it in rare chests, supply drops, and from sharks. The explosive weapon has been tweaked since it last featured in the game, though. When you shoot a projectile, it will now explode after its first bounce and fire more directly at your opponent.

With monsters and the return of Tilted Towers, the possibilities in Fortnite are seemingly endless.

Fortnite monsters klombos Tilted Towers

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