More games need a protagonist named Kevin. Too many go down the dark path of naming characters stuff like COMMANDER BUTCH STONEFIST or FEY TREESHINE (he’s a wood elf king, obviously.) If you support the movement to add more sensible names to videogames, Hybris may be of interest.

It’s set to be a puzzle-platformer, and the first part of a trilogy by new indie team Monsters. The music will come from Austin Wintory, probably best known for the work he did on PS3 title Journey.

Anyway, Kevin. He’s a kid who’s run off to the forest to escape a fight his parents are having. What follows will be “dangerous, claustrophobic and frightening” as Kev tries to survive the most dangerous night of his life. Intriguing stuff.

Monsters are aiming to have Hybris out sometime between April and June this year.

Peter Parrish

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