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I recall when Monument Valley entered the mobile space ‘way’ back in 2014. During a time when heavily monetized games were overwhelming the market, developer Ustwo’s gorgeous and relaxing adventure made a huge splash. The game was critically acclaimed for its music, story, and design, earning it an 89 average at review aggregator site Metacritic. It spawned a successful sequel, and a third game is on the horizon. However, it has been locked to mobile devices since. But that may change soon. Monument Valley could be heading to PC, and sooner than you think.

In an interview on the third Monument Valley, Director Jennifer Estaris dropped the a hint on its PC port. The second game has been around since 2017, and the third may adopt its theme on climate change. According to Estaris, Ustwo has been experimenting with a fun idea: bringing the original over to PC.


“I can’t say more about [Monument Valley 3],” she tells Mobilegamer in the interview, “but what I can talk about is the nice side benefit of the experimentation we have been doing: the original Monument Valley is playing gorgeously on landscape and on PC – this experience is something we are hoping to release sometime this year.”

Monument Valley Pc Shot Cropped

Charting new paths

It’s hard to say how well Monument Valley will work once it’s on PC. According to Estaris, it’ll adopt a “landscape” view, which will obviously work better for monitors than its more vertical look on mobile devices. I imagine it’ll be similar to the shot above, which is a vertical screenshot I cropped for the post. Either way, I’m looking forward to see how the game will translate when it makes the jump. I do enjoy the relaxing game on occasion. In this world, who wouldn’t?

Monument Valley 3 is, as mentioned, on its way. However, Estaris says the team is taking its time. The goal is to “hit the right balance between innovation and giving our players what they want.” For more, be sure to hit up the interview.

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