Moody’s Downgrades Sony Rating To Junk Status, Ratings Outlook Stable

Moody’s has finally followed the lead of its fellow credit ratings agencies, Fitch Group and Standard & Poor’s, and downgraded Sony’s rating to junk status. This means they expect market unpredictability to affect Sony’s ability to pay debts. They also gave the company a ratings outlook of stable, meaning they believe the situation is temporary and Sony will eventually return to normalcy.

In terms of gaming, they believe the Playstation 4 will keep the division profitable, but at a lower level than it has been in previous years. They do not expect it to match the high the company experienced in 2010.

This comes in the time frame that Sony incurred high costs on R&D for PS4, and subsequently launched the console, to the tune of 1 million shipped units. As always, Sony fans are reminded that regardless of the Playstation brand’s performance, it ultimately does not have a big enough effect to change Sony’s fortunes.

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