Shackleton Crater

Last week we mentioned that Joe Ybarra’s new studio would be launching a project on Kickstarter, and that said project appeared to be moon colonisation game Shackleton Crater. That sequence of events has now come to pass, with the guys at Joe Got Game looking to raise $700,000 USD for the turn-based title.

The Unity-powered project will put players in charge of a new colony, located on the southern side of the moon. From there, you’ll need to gather resources, make intelligent use of your technology and survive against the elements to become self-sufficient. Once your colony is up and thriving, it’ll be possible to explore new regions of the moon and establish new outposts on its surface.

The team is using actual mapping data and satellite photos of the moon to keep the game environments as realistic as possible.

Basically, these guys really, really love the moon. I mean, have a read of this: “The money pledged to Shackleton Crater is not just funding for a killer game, but a clarion call to society about what we want as human beings.”

Multiplayer is in there too, with the game said to be playable with between 1 and 4 people. Outside of single player, you’ll be competing with rival colonies (in a non-violent kinda way) for moon-dwelling supremacy.

The game is scheduled for a spring 2014 release (assuming, of course, the Kickstarter meets with success.)

Peter Parrish

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