September 5th, 2017

Moonbase Commander lands on Steam

moonbase commander
If a central hub bit gets destroyed, then so too does everything dependent on it. This is something you want to avoid.

I don’t expect you to remember Humongous Entertainment’s Moonbase Commander. This quirky little turn-based strategy game, which I’d happily describe as “like Worms, only with much more strategy and really, really good” hit PCs in 2002 and nobody bought it. Which is sad, because it’s utterly superb.

Moonbase Commander basically has you start off with one little building. From there, you fire out connected buildings – be they defensive or offensive – to sprawl out your base and launch attacks on your opponents. It’s ace and you should play it.

If you haven’t already bought it on GOG, though, you can now also pick it up on Steam and the Rebellion store. Yes, Rebellion. They picked it up at the Atari auction, because they are sensible. It is £4.99. The only sad thing is that multiplayer appears to be LAN only, but I’d imagine you can get around that with a VPN if your friends aren’t nearby.

The press release also hints at plans to bring the game (or possibly a sequel) to mobile devices, but obviously we don’t care about that because we’re a PC-only site.

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