Moonscars Royal Infant Boss Guide

The Royal Infant is the second boss that you’ll encounter in Moonscars‘ campaign. This little thing can be very annoying and hard to hit since it’s flying around. You’ll also need to watch out for projectiles that come zooming your way. Here’s our Moonscars Royal Infant boss guide to help you defeat this opponent.

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Moonscars Royal Infant boss guide

The Royal Infant boss in Moonscars is found in the High Castle zone. Basically, you’ll discover a fast travel point in the Collapsed Chambers. You’ll then roam around and explore until you can reach the chasm further down below. To the right, you’ll meet an NPC named Yadwiga sitting on her throne (the Gymnacaeum fast travel point is also here). If you head to the passageway to the left and down, that’s where you’ll stumble upon your foe (the room is marked in the image).

Moonscars Royal Infant Boss Guide 1

The Royal Infant has the following abilities:

  • Baby Summon – A smaller mob will appear and shoot projectiles at you.
  • Fire Barrage – The boss will be surrounded by a ring of flames that will get flung your way in quick succession.
  • Homing Flare – A larger flame projectile will follow you around.
  • Pulse – If you get too close, the boss will do an AoE attack.
  • Spike Ripper – Once its HP is low enough, it’ll land on the ground. Spikes will cascade from the floor going outward before rebounding back to your foe’s location.
  • Rampage – At low health, it’ll stay on the ground for good. However, this creature will continuously pounce with melee swings. Go in for a hit and back away so you can keep your distance.

Moonscars Royal Infant Boss Guide 2

Soon, you’ll be able to defeat the Royal Infant boss in Moonscars. You’ll be granted the Flesh Walls Incision power, which allows you to open barriers made of gory skin and muscle. After this, you’ll make your way to the Depths to face Sweet Wanda.

Moonscars Royal Infant Boss Guide 3

Moonscars is available via Steam.

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