Moonscars Sweet Wanda Boss Guide

Sweet Wanda is the third boss that you’ll come across in Moonscars‘ campaign. It appears that she’s an old friend of your character, Grey Irma, but an incident has led to her corruption. Here’s our Moonscars Sweet Wanda boss guide to help you defeat this opponent.

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Moonscars Sweet Wanda boss guide

Sweet Wanda can be found in Moonscars‘ Depths zone. There’s a fast travel point there called the Lesser Mills, which will eventually lead you to further west. I suggest exploring a bit until you can tag the Corpse Pits teleporter. This is much closer to the boss’ arena, which is encircled in the image below.

Anyway, Sweet Wanda is surrounded by a few hungry clayborne when you first talk to her. In fact, it doesn’t seem like she poses a threat. But, once you hit her, she’ll succumb to her wounds before turning into her demonic form.

Moonscars Sweet Wanda Boss Guide 1

Sweet Wanda has the following abilities:

  • Shadow Spiders – She’ll sometimes spawn additional mobs in the arena. While they can be a little annoying, they’ll also replenish your ichor or cause a spite level up for that all-important insta-heal.
  • Shadow Blob – This is a basic projectile that she throws your way.
  • Grasping Darkness – Ripples will appear on the ceiling of the arena. After a short pause, multiple tendrils will attempt to smack you. Keep moving sideways to avoid them.
  • Evil Twin – For the first phase of the fight, you might think that Wanda is a pushover. However, once you’ve dropped her HP, she’ll regenerate it back to full and become more aggressive. She’ll eventually spawn another shadow that slightly mimics her attacks. It also has tendrils that sprout out of its body.

Moonscars Sweet Wanda Boss Guide 2

After eliminating Sweet Wanda in Moonscars, you’ll be granted the Superdash ability. This provides a speed boost for your dash ability. Likewise, if you hold down the jump button, you can glide to cross chasms.

Anyway, you’ll be exploring the Earth Bowels and the Castle Apex. You’ll have to find your old buddies so you can proceed further to the culmination of the campaign.

Moonscars Sweet Wanda Boss Guide 3

Moonscars is available via Steam.

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