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An email plopping apologetically into my inbox informs me that Bohemia Interactive are the latest victims of a database hack. As usual, some pesky fellow has broken into one of the developer’s online sites and made off with a bunch of information about the accounts stored therein. Here’s how the studio puts it:

We have unfortunately discovered that an illegal attempt has been made to access certain of our online websites, leading to the download of a database containing usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords. Please note due to the encryption of the passwords it is very unlikely that anything nefarious can be done with this information.

Still, the developers have taken the liberty of resetting all user passwords. The same email (which you’ll no doubt receive if you have an account with Bohemia Interactive) offers a link where you can request a new one.

There shouldn’t be any need to worry about credit card or payment details escaping into the wilds, as according to the studio “no other information such as credit card details is stored by us and thus was not at any risk from this illegal breach.” Hurrah.

If you want to have a word with Bohemia about the breach, they invite you to email

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