More co-op capers from Starbreeze’s Syndicate

A new Syndicate video shows us another slice of co-op capering, this time from the ‘New England’ mission of the game. Originally (I think), this was a level from the American Revolt add-on to the first Syndicate. Unlike the Atlantic Accelerator map (which is supposedly just a 3D realisation of the original level), this one has been ‘re-imagined’.
Our four agents FPS there way through eight minutes of footage, including a boss fight which looks rather bullet-spongey. I’m not entirely sold on the heads-up display either, it seems a bit intrusive and distracting. However, I’ve thought that before with other games and quickly tuned the HUD out while actually playing.
For more on EA’s vision for the new Syndicate, have a read of this interview with EA’s Ben O’Donnell.
For the co-op video, simply look below.