New Weapons & Maps Headline Call Of Duty Modern Warfare And Warzone Patch 1.21 (3)

Some of you may have noticed that the current battle pass for Modern Warfare and Warzone has wrapped up. The 100-tier progression system for season six is now locked, with no future content clearly outlined. Season one for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War begins December 10, along with the merge of Cold War and Warzone, but season seven for Modern Warfare hasn’t been announced. However, new content is indeed coming; we just don’t know when.

A lead multiplayer VFX artist at developer Infinity Ward took to twitter to reply to a fan question. When asked whether season seven was coming to Modern Warfare, the developer said that more content is coming, but they don’t know the official naming of it just yet. The developer also expressed that they wanted information to be released soon, so that fans wouldn’t be in the dark about Modern Warfare.


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However, as season one rolls around for Black Ops Cold War, Activision is all in on the latest entry in the series. It seems likely that things are tight lipped on Modern Warfare until the Black Ops Cold War launch period has passed. The publisher will want as many players as possible moving forward to the newer release. We should hear about new Modern Warfare content soon, but it seems likely that season one of Black Ops Cold War will come first.

Black Ops Cold War Pc Content Uninstall

That throws up one other question too. How will all this work for Warzone? Previously, Modern Warfare and Warzone have shared the same battle pass, but that looks set to change with Black Ops Cold War season one. From December 10, a unified system will link Black Ops Cold War and Warzone together, ditching Modern Warfare. We wouldn’t be surprised to see odd bits of content come to Modern Warfare in future, rather than a defined battle pass.

Either way, expect to hear more about fresh Modern Warfare content “soon.”

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