dark souls 2 crown of the ivory king (11)

You presumably come here through the Shrine of Winter.

A lot more images (and better quality ones too) from Crown of the Ivory King have been released today, confirming a new co-op challenge area. These screenshots from the third and finalĀ Dark Souls 2 Lost Crowns DLC release presumably came out of the Tokyo Games Show taking place in Japan across the next couple of days.

As well as showing another co-op challenge area (hopefully a bit more engaging than The Iron Passage from the last DLC,) these screenshots depict some reduced visibility fights with ice/crystal hollow creatures, another look at that weird horse thing from yesterday, and plenty of snow. There are also some rather neat looking shots from inside whatever Drangleic/Anor Londo-ish castle Crown of the Ivory King takes place inside.

One fountain courtyard image in particular kind of reminds me somewhat of the Painted World from the first Dark Souls. It’s not the same place or anything, but there’s a similar feel.

Another picture shows an armoured fellow stood next to a half-open snow coffin, a bit like the one you have to ‘nestle’ inside to visit Gravelord Nito. Or the one which magically changes your gender at the start of Dark Souls 2.

Dark Souls 2’s Crown of the Ivory King will be released for the PC on 23 September. I’m expecting it to be accompanied by another calibrations patch, though that hasn’t yet been officially confirmed.


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