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More Diablo 3 Beta details emerge

During this evening Activision Blizzard financial call, Blizzard’s Mike Morhaime revealed more details of the Diablo 3 Beta.
Blizzard’s CEO left any Diablo 3 news until the end of his segment and it may be a little less that fans were expecting. It was hoped that some sort of definitive date for the Beta test would be announced, but Blizzard being Blizzard were not willing to commit an exact Beta start date.
Mike did state however that Diablo 3 has now gone into an internal testing phase and that they were looking to push out a Beta test to the public in Q3 of this year. So any time from July onward.
As for a release date, well you know the answer to that, Blizzard don’t give out release dates until they are 100% happy with the product.
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