More Gettysburg: Armoured Warfare Details Revealed

Paradox has released a few more details about Gettysburg: Armoured Warfare, the curious alternative-history title based (very loosely) on the American Civil War.
It’ll be a free to play online game, and one which hopes to merge FPS and RTS styles of play. Up to 32 vs 32 battles are promised, over four different maps. Technology has been somehow brought from 2060 in an attempt to change the course of the war. Luckily (or unluckily, depending how you feel) both sides seem to have got hold of this gear so it’s unlikely to tip the balance too far.
You’ll be able to play as either Union or Confederate armies, and game modes will be available to limit the technology to 1860s only, 2060 only or the default mixture of both. There’ll also be some sort of experience point system in place, because persistent XP is listed as a feature.
Have a look at some of far-future hardware below (click to expand the images.) This game probably won’t help anybody with the US citizenship test very much.


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