The BBFC has indicated that the PC version of the upcoming Dragon Age: Origins expansion may contain more sexual content than the console versions. IncGamers contacted the BBFC to find out if sexual content was the reason behind Awakening’s ‘18’ rating in the UK. We were told that the console versions contained no “strong sexual image that would have been considered a classification issue at 18 once the violence had established the rating.”However, the spokesperson added, after consulting a colleague, that “the PC version, which we haven’t seen yet, does have some strong sexual imagery in it and that might well be a classification issue.”We have contacted EA and Bioware to find out more on the issue, stay tuned.Dragon Age: Origins Awakening is an expansion to the acclaimed RPG due for release on 16 March. Set in new area Amaranthine, the expansion allows players to import a character from the main game (or to begin the game as an Orlesian Warden) and will feature new spells, abilities and specializations as well as five new party members and one familiar face.  

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