More Titanfall on the way, as EA reaffirms partnership with Respawn

Titanfall Expedition
The ‘Runoff’ DLC is already confirmed, but it sounds like Titanfall sequels are pretty much assured too.

To the surprise of almost no-one, it sounds as if Titanfall will be an ongoing series. EA has reaffirmed its partnership (ie; publishing deal) with Respawn Entertainment and says it will “bring new Titanfall experiences to players worldwide.”

Don’t just take my word for that though, here’s the twitter post in question:

That suggests the game was relatively successful for both EA and Respawn, a suspicion confirmed by some sales figures released by the publisher as part of its financial conference call today. The data is pretty limited as it’s based on NPD figures (which only count US boxed retail sales,) but those numbers show 925,000 Titanfall sales in the first three weeks.

It’s difficult to say how many of those were sold on PC, especially as the figures exclude digital copies. EA’s Peter Moore was happy either way though, referring to those figures as “great.”

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