Mortal Kombat X trailer had zero gameplay, all cinematic

That new Mortal Kombat X trailer sure looked great, didn’t it? It’s almost a shame to point out it had zero gameplay in it.

As @Sab_Mas on Twitter here was able to sleuth out, Digital Dimension, who often does CG trailers for videogames, as well as similar work, drummed up the said trailer for Netherrealm. In fact, other recent projects include Thief and Sid Meier’s Civilization Beyond Earth.

We do know from the trailer that Netherrealm will be carrying over some elements from Injustice to the new game, but for better or worse, it may or may not look exactly like the announce trailer. Which is a shame, but perhaps the same static camera style we’ve grown to get used to in fighting games is better for overall playability. We’re hopeful Netherrealm can share what actual Mortal Kombat X gameplay looks like soon.

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