Mortal Kombat X gets a tiny 15GB patch, free Krypt Koins

Mortal Kombat X has just been given a rather sizeable patch (that doesn’t actually fix a great deal) alongside a few free Krypt Koins as an apology for the problems.

The next time PC users log onto NetherRealm’s brawler, they should find themselves with an extra 10,000 Krypt Koins to spend on the game’s in-game unlockables. A nice gesture, although not a massive amount considering that plenty of the unlocks are priced at around 5,000. Still, you can hopefully get yourself a few little bonuses with that. I’m not complaining about getting a couple of unlocks for free.

Of perhaps more importance is the patch, which – according to the patch notes – is focused on optimisation. It lists two things, specifically:

  • Optimized shaders to improve graphics performance
  • Fixed an issue to prevent replays from using up too much hard drive storage space

Not amazing (I’d like to see the keybindings menu not crash the game, personally) but still a desirable pair of fixes. I mean, anything that improves the slightly ropey performance is a plus… except that it’s 15GB. Fifteen gigs! Fifteen! So much for me sneaking in a few rounds of Mortal Kombat X tonight.

The Mortal Kombat X patch is out now, and will devour your hard drive in a gruesome, Fatality-like fashion the next time you log onto Steam. I’ve put up some thoughts on the PC port which you can read over here (short version: it really needs optimisation and bugfixes), and I’ll hopefully be making a full review get over here sometime next week.

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