Much like GTA 5, Mortal Kombat X has launched with multiple issues on PC, mainly revolving around installation issues and questionable DLC plans.

Warner Bros Interactive chose a system that should allow you to play the game while it’s still installing. Unfortunately, the system isn’t working as intended.

If you are trying to play the game now, what you’ll need to do is manually install individual DLC packs from the Steam page, as explained here.

The one piece of DLC that went viral was the Easy Fatalities pack. For $ 0.99 you can execute five fatalities, or 30 fatalities for $ 4.99, using easy inputs. These are not permanent specific fatalities, but how many times you can use the easy inputs.

On top of that, there is a $ 30 preorder Kombat Pack, which locks out Goro, and a$ 19.99 Krypt content unlock, which literally pays Warner to reverse the change they made to the Krypt that lowers token earn rates.

As many point out, the core game is still good, but Warner has certainly laid out the case to wait for the Komplete Edition.

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