Mortal Online Pre-Orders Open Today

The online shop that sells pre-orders of the upcoming MMO, Mortal Online, will open its virtual doors later today after a short delay.

Sales were delayed by two weeks after developers Star Vault encountered problems with accepting different methods of payment. However, players can go the the online shop at 20:00 British Summer Time today and pre order a copy of Mortal Online, a game that has received a lot of interest from the gaming community.

Star Vault released a Powerpoint presentation on the game in May, showcasing many of the differences MO will have from other games in the genre; namely, the entire game will be played in first person, there is no experience point and level system, no instances, sandbox-style player housing and an enormous crafting system with scope for hundreds of millions of unique craftable items. In addition, PvP will be a major part of the game. To address this, the combat system is far more advanced than other games such as World of Warcraft. There is no targetting, and the results of a fight depend on the area of the body that gets hit. Friendly fire is also an issue.

Read more about Mortal Online in our earlier article, Mortal Online Analysed. More info about the first beta phase is expected later today.