Screenshots taken on the beta of the upcoming MMO, Mortal Online, have surfaced, demonstrating just how realistic developers are making the game.In our previous feature, we discussed how players in MO will only be able to view the game in first person perspective, and how swinging a weapon could result in hitting friends as well as enemies due to there being no targeting system. Star Vault are focussing on providing as real as an experience for players as possible, so it should come as no surprise to learn that when a character takes his or her armour off, there’s no painted-on undies.The latest batch of screenshots taken by German fansite, Mortalonline-Szene.de, show a number of (NSFW) images, featuring male and female characters in the nude. You may think this is the work of some giggling teenagers, but get used to it. Mortal Online is a game where full looting of fallen opponents is allowed; yup, you can take the shirt off their backs, literally.Read our feature, Mortal Online Analysed, for more info on the game.

    Paul Younger
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