Old School Runescape Morytania expansion
In Runescape's Land Out Of Time, the Big Game Hunter feature has players stalking, trapping and killing dinosaurs for some seriously cool gear.

Runefest 2019 kicked off over the weekend, and developer Jagex revealed a number of updates for all versions of RuneScape. First and foremost, Old School RuneScape players can look forward to the Morytania expansion. You’ll soon get to explore the city of Darkmeyer, a vampire city that was previously inaccessible. Upon entering Darkmeyer, players can engage in a variety of sidequests, including a high-level agility course and new activities. The Morytania expansion will release sometime early in 2020.

The Morytania expansion also brings a new clan system

Aside from exploring the vampire city of Darkmeyer, the Morytania expansion also introduces Sins of the Father. This questline will continue the Myreque series of quests, bringing new skills and a new boss called Nightmare of Ashihama.

For those who are looking to squad up, Old School RuneScape will receive a new clan system. Clans of up to 500 players can arrange their own events, track their clan-wide progress, and compete against other clans. Other additions to Old School include a new game mode, called “Leagues,” and a new Ironman Group mode.

Jagex also announced that RuneScape mobile will receive its Early Access phase later this year. Much like the desktop version, the mobile version will allow players to explore Darkmeyer. Since Runescape mobile will feature cross-platform play, all RuneScape subscribers will be able to enjoy the game on the go and continue their progress from the desktop version.

As mentioned previously, all versions of the game have updates on the way. So for mainline RuneScape, players will receive a new skill called Archaeology. The skill will allow you to uncover archaeological digs throughout the world, allowing you to excavate ancient artifacts. Of course, this also means uncovering powerful weapons and relics.

Continuing with the Land Out of Time update, the game will receive the Ranch Out of Time, allowing players to raise monstrous dinosaurs. This update will also raise the level cap for the Farming and Herblore skills from 99 to 120. Players can expect the Ranch Out of Time update before the end of 2019.

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