8 Most Exciting Demons From Steam Next Fest June 2024
Image: Valve

8 most exciting demos from Steam Next Fest June 2024

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Steam Next Fest June 2024 has a plethora of incredible game demos to try out, so here’s a list of the eight most exciting demos you should download for yourself.

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Steam Next Fest June 2024: 8 most exciting game demos

Once Human

Once Human
Image: Starry Studio

If you’re looking for a survival action shooter that you can play with your friends, look no further than Once Human. Arriving on July 9, Once Human is set in a post-apocalyptic future filled with strange and terrifying monsters.

No matter if you’re playing alone or with other people, you must survive in the dangerous wilderness, survive against monsters from other dimensions, and build your gargantuan base. Although its release is less than a month away, why not take a peek at what it has to offer?

Tiny Glade

8 Most Exciting Demons From Steam Next Fest June 2024 Tiny Glade
Image: Pounce Light

Tiny Glade is a relaxing, casual sandbox game where you design gorgeous estates and beautiful gardens. While the demo limits the tools that you have, there’s enough of a preview to show you just how customizable your creations can be.

You can draw stone fencing that’s created on the fly, place lamp posts or lanterns, and play around with different pathway sizes. The possibilities are endless, and there are hardly any restrictions holding you back from building whatever you want. Tiny Glade releases sometime in Q3 2024.


Headware Games

Inspired by games like Silent Hill and the classic Resident Evil titles, Hollowbody is a tech-noir survival horror game that takes place in an abandoned British city. It’s meant to be a smaller game with a short story, but the demo is enough to get any horror fan excited.

Hollowbody features classic survival horror gameplay with fixed camera angles, resource management, and environmental puzzles. The graphics are reminiscent of an old PS2 game while still feeling as polished as a 2024 game. Hollowbody has no release date yet.

Enotria: The Last Song

Enotria The Last Song
Image: Jyamma Games

Anyone looking for a new Souls-like RPG to dive into should check out Enotria: The Last Song. Set in a beautiful world inspired by Italian folklore, you must face off against formidable foes with over 120 weapon options and 45 spells. This was one of the featured games in Summer Games Fest 2024.

Enotria: The Last Song will include three main regions, over 100 enemy variants, and 40+ hours of content. Your character can also collect over 30 unique Masks that have unique strengths and weaknesses. This game is set to release on September 18.

The Crush House

8 Most Exciting Demons From Steam Next Fest June 2024 Crush House
Image: Nerial

Imagine producing and filming a reality TV show set in the late ’90s, that’s exactly what The Crush House is. Choose a cast to feature in your dating show, film the best moments, and try to grow your audience of viewers.

There’s a lot more than meets the eye, as you can use ad revenue to purchase house furnishings and other things that can make the show even better. Not only that but there’s a mystery to uncover once night falls and the cameras stop rolling. The Crush House will be released on August 9.

Wizard of Legend 2

8 Most Exciting Demons From Steam Next Fest June 2024 Wizard Of Legend 2
Image: Dead Mage

The sequel to Wizard of Legend is here with a beautiful new look. Wizard of Legend 2 is an action roguelike game with gorgeous 3D visuals and a four-player co-op option. You set off alongside your friends to face the Trials of Legend in the Floating Lands.

As a wizard, you’ll be able to unleash numerous spells that aim to decimate foes. Control the elements of fire, water, lightning, earth, air, and chaos through these trials, although you’re doomed to fail many times. There’s no release date yet for Wizard of Legend 2.

Level Zero: Extraction

Level Zero Extraction
Image: DOGHOWL Games

Level Zero: Extraction is a first-person extraction shooter set in an immersive and terrifying atmosphere. It’s a blend of tense gunplay and survival horror as you and your friends can head off on dangerous raids for valuable loot.

Experience tactical gunplay while attempting to survive against AI enemies and other hazards. Whether a mutant decides to jump your squad, or you fall for mine traps, Level Zero: Extraction will have you sweating. It plans to release in Early Access sometime in 2024.

Fields of Mistria

8 Most Exciting Demons From Steam Next Fest June 2024 Fields Of Mistria
Image: NPC Studio

This farming and life sim has been in the works for a while, and finally, we have a demo to play. Fields of Mistria is inspired by the 90s anime art style and pixelated cozy games like Stardew Valley. Restore the town of Mistria to its former glory by raising animals and growing crops.

Like most of the games in this genre, you can also go fishing, mine in caverns, and romance one of 12 marriage candidates. Not only that, but you can unlock magic to help grow your crops amongst other things. Fields of Mistria will be released on August 5.

If you’re looking for even more games to look forward to within the next year or two, there were some incredible game reveals at the Xbox Games Showcase.

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