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If you like both motorcycles and video games directly based on real sporting events, then MotoGP 22 may appeal to you. Developed by Milestone, this game represents the latest in a long line of titles based on the annual MotoGP World Championship event. These games have come out on a near yearly basis ever since the early 2000s to keep up with the event, and MotoGP 22 continues this trend. If you’re interested in experiencing this motorcycle simulation action for yourself, then you can check MotoGP 22 on Steam starting today.

The “Nine Season 2009” mode serves as the main attraction in MotoGP 22. It recreates all 17 Grand Prix from the titular MotoGP season and spreads them across 39 challenges. Additionally, the game offers two brand-new modes intended to help both newcomers and veterans hone their skills. The first of these modes, simply dubbed “Tutorial,” contains a collection of challenges centered around the game’s core features, which include brake temperature, tire consumption, and more. Meanwhile, the “MotoGP Academy” mode provides more advanced tips that allow players to master the ins and outs of every track.


Any other features

There are, of course, plenty of other features in store. The “Riding Analysis System” provides “in-game pop-up messages that” notify players of various ways in which they can “adjust the difficulty level based on skills and performances.” Additionally, “The Managerial Career” returns from previous installments and gives players the choice to either join an existing team or form a new one. Players can also take advantage of this mode to augment various stats for their vehicles, which include Frame, Electronics, Aerodynamics, and Engine.

While some may want to jump at the opportunity to try MotoGP 22 today, it is worth noting that the game currently has a “mixed” user rating on Steam based on only 24 reviews. Having said that, although not many outlets have reviewed the game, the ones that have mostly felt positive about it, which should be encouraging for motorcycle thrill-seekers.

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