Open-world motorcycle brawler Road Rage coming in October

Open-world motorcycle brawler Road Rage coming in October

Team6 Game Studios are set to release their motorcycle brawler Road Rage on 24 October for the PC.

In Road Rage, players will have to fight their way up the ranks of a motorcycle gang by racing and battling on bikes in an open-world. There will be customisable bikes, weapons and around ninety missions to undertake.

The game was supposed to release in November 2016 but for whatever reason it’s materialising now. If riding along on a bike and smashing a few heads in appeals, then keep an eye on this one, especially if you enjoyed the classic Road Rash. For now, here’s a few screens to enjoy.

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  • Paul Younger

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    • Anbear

      I remember Road rash as a very simple, silly game. Based on these pictures it seems they have kept the sillyness at least 🙂
      Something with that level of content (road rash) would likely be more fitting of a mobile game today, I wonder what a modern take on it will look like.
      btw the video in the related article shows up as not available for me.