Mount And Blade Bannerlord Screen

Mount & Blade, where do we even begin? This was a franchise that many of us here at PC Invasion remember fondly throughout the years. The games wove together the elements of strategy and action/adventure games in a wonderful package. The sequel — Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord — looks to continue the tradition of the series. Check out the campaign trailer from GamesCom below.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

What can we say? It’s the old Mount & Blade we know and love except looking more polished in the graphics department. After all, we’re sure that the qualms about the previous games had been that its graphics didn’t really age well, or that the animations were clunky. This time around, the campaign map and interior scenes look more detailed and improved. The animations, while not too flashy, also saw an improvement as you can see in the trailer.

Still, if we’re only focused on the graphics, we’re probably going to miss out on everything that Bannerlord has to offer. Remember, the Mount & Blade franchise was more renowned for providing an infinitely-replayable sandbox. You can choose to follow the story whichever way you wished, or you can just ignore everything that happens and build up your own kingdom.

The mechanics such as roaming around the world, visiting cities and taverns, and duels and tournaments are back. Likewise, we also see our armies ride out to glory. New improvements are also promised such as a revamped UI to ease accessibility. There will also be a distinct progression system with 18 skills and hundreds of perks.

Although Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord still does not have a definite release date, we’ll be sure to keep you posted as we learn more. Developer TaleWorlds Entertainment is sure keeping us on the edge of our seats wondering when we’d be able to conquer the land of Calradia with our banners held aloft.

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