The PC Gaming Show has proven to be a reliable source of Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord footage, and 2017 hasn’t disappointed. Last year there was some siege footage, and this time it’s a look at some Cavalry Sergeant gameplay.

In the video below you can see a spot of mounted gameplay from the sequel. The chap being controlled issues some orders to his cavalry, and leads them in a charge against opposing mounted troops. He continues to issue instructions throughout, using cavalry to protect the foot soldiers.

It’s all looking rather nice in the new Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord engine. The video concludes with a bit of melee foot combat. Below the video is a summary of the battle improvements coming in Bannerlord. Update: There’s a Horse Archer Sergeant video too.

Advanced Formations – Merge and split forces at your behest, with intuitive but powerful control over the movement, form and behavior of every unit! Order heavy infantry to hold together, shoulder-to-shoulder in a slowly advancing but near impenetrable shield wall; or launch your cavalry in lightning charges using the skein formation.

Battlefield AI – AI commanders can execute complex tactics, utilizing the advanced formation options to present a formidable challenge. Their behavior is drawn from actual historical tacticians, for example Alexander the great, who used his superior cavalry forces to rout their counterparts in the opposing army, before delivering a crushing blow to the enemy’s main force. This not only creates the feeling of an authentic medieval battle but also proves effective in-game, as in reality.

Sergeant System – Commanders now designate units to other lords in battle, including the player! Execute the orders issued by your commander throughout the fight, and use your own instincts to do your part and help secure victory on the field of battle. Lead the horse archers as they skirmish and harass the enemy to disrupt their lines before your allies finish them off, or take control of the cavalry and charge into the fray to devastate entire units at once!

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