mount and blade warband

These guys don’t have horses and are therefore doing it wrong.

There’s a Mount & Blade: Warband free weekend on Steam happening right now, which is confusing because it’s not the weekend yet. It’s ostensibly to alert people to the fact that Warband is now on Linux and Mac as well as PC, but I think we all know that the real reason is probably to sell more copies of Mount & Blade: Warband.

I have no problems with this plan, as it’s a fine, fine game.

The free weekend runs from the very moment that your eyes are scanning this sentence and your brain is interpreting the complex series of symbols into a recognisable language, until 1pm (Pacific Time) on Sunday. That’s 9pm on Sunday if you live in the UK. You can grab the game on Steam by going in this direction and scrolling down the page until you reach the banner saying “hey you, there’s a free weekend on for this game” or words to that effect.

As luck or good economic judgement would have it, Mount & Blade: Warband is also 75% off for the near future. That’s $5.00 USD for probably the best horseback combat and Nord-slaughtering game on the PC.

You’ve heard of Elite, right? The original space sandbox game. Well, Mount & Blade: Warband is basically that, except you’re a medieval guy with a horse instead of a space pilot trader man. That said, the mod scene for the game is so huge and diverse that there’s probably one where you actually are a space pilot trader man. Speaking of which, Warband now appears to have Steam Workshop support. I kind of wish I could activate my GamersGate version on Steam now. Oh well.

As well as all that, the game has a demented multiplayer mode in which you’ll ride around on your horse and try to knock other people off their horses and then probably be killed by an arrow shot from 500 feet away by a man who’s played Mount & Blade: Warband multiplayer for more hours than he cares to mention. As long as the servers hold up for the free weekend, anyway.

What I’m saying is it’s a good laugh.

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