June 22nd, 2017

Mr Sandman brings it to us: Dream enters Early Access on Steam

Dream 1

HyperSloth’s explore-and-puzzle-through-surreal-worlds-’em-up Dream has entered Early Access on Steam.

Dream is a surreal exploration/puzzle/horror game in which you play Howard Phillips, a directionless young man who has rapidly become obsessed with his dreams. It’s very non-linear – you can explore the dreams and nightmares however you like, and the decisions you make within these sleeping worlds will affect both which dreams you’ll see and how Howard’s life will turn out. Each of these contains hints as to Howard’s past, his feelings, and his ambitions. Possibly like a more professional, less depressing Yume Nikki – in concept, at least? Hm.

It sounds rather interesting, although I do wonder if Howard Phillips’ name is perhaps a hint to the sort of horrors that might come out in some of the nightmares. Cough Lovecraft cough.

£12.99 will net you access to the current alpha build of Dream‘s Act One (of three), as well as all forthcoming patches and a full version when it’s released.

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