Xbox was a completely different animal last year, with a seeming shift to TV coming along the way. Now, nearly every exec has left, and their TV experiment abandoned.

One could argue this push was merely caught in the crossfire over the controversy surrounding Xbox One, but that disregards how drastic a change the Microsoft gaming division has gone through. To sum from The Verge:

  • Marc Whitten was Xbox’s VP. He is now the Chief Product Officer at Sonos.
  • Ben Smith was  Xbox TV’s program manager, and is now also at Sonos.
  • Kareem Choudhry headed Kinect development, and is now director for all Xbox development. Of course, as you may already know, the Kinect itself is no longer a required component of the Xbox One.
  • Most recently, Boyd Multerer, the dev wunderkid who made the Xbox One capable of running three OSes, has recently left.

Boyd helped found erotic fiction site Silkwords while still under Microsoft, and will now be working on more future startups.

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