Multiplayer brawler Vikings on Trampolines is the next game from the Owlboy devs

Vikings on Trampolines game bouncing balloons

If you know of developer D-Pad Studio, you likely know it for its 2016 sidescroller Owlboy. Owlboy is known for its nearly decade-long development cycle, which definitely paid off when it came to the game’s detailed pixel-art style. Since then, many have no doubt wondered how D-Pad Studio would follow up on this ambitious undertaking. As it turns out, the developer’s next game comes in the form of Vikings on Trampolines, a multiplayer-focused party brawler that features exactly what the title suggests. It may seem that D-Pad Studio chose to reduce the scope of its next project, but Vikings on Trampolines nonetheless looks like it will offer quite a bit to those open to the concept.

It’s possible that the smaller scope could lead to the developers taking it easy on the visuals this time around, but this has not turned out to be the case. Although it’s possible the style won’t captivate players in the same way that Owlboy‘s did, Vikings on Trampolines still manages to impress thanks to the crisp, fluidly-animated sprites and overall high level of detail.


You won’t want to leave this trampoline anytime soon

According to the Steam pageVikings on Trampolines boasts accessible controls that “let you play the entire game using one hand only.” Although the PvP modes serve as the stars of the show, the game allows players to team up and take on a robust Adventure Mode that features all kinds of minigames and bosses to tackle.

As players continue to bounce their way to victory in Vikings on Trampolines, they will gradually unlock more stages and modes to spice the game up. This on top of the aforementioned Adventure Mode suggests that the game offers plenty of incentive for casual players to keep coming back and hone their bounding skills.

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