We know that Maxis’ upcoming SimCity will include multiplayer, but it has been less clear how important of a role it will play in the grand scheme of the game.
Some are worried that it will play too big a role and limit the game for those that want to play by themselves. Others worry that it will be tacked on, a back-of-the-box feature with little to no depth. Then there are those with complete faith that Maxis will strike the perfect balance.
In a recent interview with SimCity producer Jason Haber, he told us that it plays a pretty important role in the game:
“[Multiplayer is] fairly core, the game was built from the ground up with multiplayer in mind.” Haber tells us, “the decisions that you make will impact the other cities in the region.
“Perhaps the most exciting thing about it, though, is that it allows you to specialise that bit more with your city. Because of the network of cities you need to specialise to find a place for your city. Whether you’re playing alone or with other players that idea gives you a lot more options about how you can play the game.”
Our full interview with Jason Haber is coming tomorrow, within which you can read much about multiplayer and city specialisation. In the meantime, our SimCity preview is ready for your consumption.

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