Multiversus Open Beta 2 season one patch nerfs

The Warner Bros. multiverse is back, as MultiVersus enters open beta Early Access, bringing tons of new features and a brand new character with it. The Iron Giant is the newest playable character coming to MultiVersus, joining a cast full of other famous Warner Bros. icons including Superman. (But who’s the real Superman here?) On top of that, players will get to test out a brand new Steven Universe-themed stage, as well as a variety of other gameplay changes from the Closed Alpha.

The Iron Giant is a huge beast roaming around the stage, and is much larger than his MultiVersus comrades. According to the patch notes, the Iron Giant is the game’s “first colossal-sized character,” implying that there may be other extremely large units such as him making it to the stage. We’ll see how differently these large characters perform, but hopefully, the Iron Giant is a strong beast worthy of players’ attention.


The zaniest multiverse

Important gameplay changes were made as well from the Closed Alpha, including how often characters can stay on the walls of the stages. By spending over 10 seconds or sliding on the wall 11 times, you will enter a state of “Wall Fatigue.” Wall Fatigue stops your wall sliding from resetting Air Specials and Air Evades, and you can no longer double jump after wall jumping. There are other important changes you can see by reading the patch notes here.

Following Early Access, MultiVersus open beta will be available to all players starting on July 26. If you were lucky enough to join the Closed Alpha last patch, you should receive an e-mail inviting you to enter the Early Access period which started on July 19. You can also earn a code for the Early Access open beta on Steam through Twitch Drops on streamers playing MultiVersus. MultiVersus will be available for free on Steam.

Multiversus Open Beta

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