MultiVersus season one battle pass to include 50 tiers

Multiversus Battle Pass Tiers

The first season for MultiVersus is coming very soon, and with it comes a new battle pass. Priced at 950 Gleamium, or a $9.99 USD, this battle pass looks to follow a similar trajectory to the one introduced in the technical test for the game.

MultiVersus is live now for its open beta, and according to steamDB there is over 80,000 players average playing the game at any given time. There has been ample feedback on the battle pass, and many feel that it does not offer enough reward for the amount of time and effort put in. The game director for MultiVersus, Tony Huynh has addressed this concern in a tweet, saying: “I think it’s 950 gleamium, but has 50 tiers.” So while there is a price increase for the battle pass, it will contain 35 more tiers.

Shades of the MultiVersus technical test

The technical test for MultiVersus offered a 50 tier battle pass as well, which indicates the team has likely known how much content the battle pass would contain. Season one of MultiVersus will begin the day after the current battle pass ends on August 8th. Along with this new season comes two new characters, Rick and Morty. Thankfully, a 50-tier battle pass for MultiVersus means players can expect a wealth of mostly new content, as the old battle pass items are currently available in the game as paid options.

Players can also look for regular content updates from the team at WB Games, and there have been massive leaks detailing the potential player roster as well.

Battle Pass Multiversus It is also said that the way to progress through the battle pass would need a re-vamp as well. Currently it takes a long time to work through each tier, as you can gain a max of 600 “battle pass points” from daily quests, and then 600 from each season quest you complete. Each tier currently costs up to 1200 to complete. The more you progress, the more it costs. So players are looking to glean any information regarding a change in the way they can accumulate battle pass points and level up the battle pass.

MultiVersus is free-to-play on Steam, and the Epic Games Store, with an option to purchase a “founder’s pack” at increasing intervals for better perks.

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