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Dance Dance Revolution: Ghost Edition was a big hit.

Airtight’s solve-your-own-murder-em-up, Murdered: Soul Suspect, is out today in the US. That means a launch trailer can’t be far away … oh wait, there it is below these words.

It’s weird. Despite a barrage of trailers from Square Enix I still only know a very limited number of things about Soul Suspect, so I just keep repeating them in every single news story about it. You are Ronan O’Connor, a Salem police detective who gets himself killed but hangs around in the afterlife. There’s a serial killer called “The Bell Killer” going around. Ronan has a friend who’s a spiritual medium, and she can see him.

Since you’re a ghost in Soul Suspect, you can interact with people and objects in specific ways. Possessing them. Listening to their thoughts. But you don’t have a physical presence so you can’t, for example, carry evidence around with you.

That’s pretty much everything I know about the game. We haven’t reviewed it, because Square Enix didn’t send us code (possibly upset that we gave Thief and Deus Ex: The Fall a 3/10 and a 2/10, respectively.) Little does Square realise that this is exactly the sort of difficult-to-define title IncGamers sometimes ends up loving. Oh well.

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