MXM players suffering latency issues as DDOS attacks continue

MXM players suffering latency issues as DDOS attacks continue

For a couple of days now NCSoft has been battling with DDOS attacks on the servers for their new MOBA MXM (Master X Master). As the problem is persisting, they have issued a statement.

We wanted to let you know that we are aware of and monitoring direct denial of service attacks directed at our games. If you’ve been experiencing connection drops, or sporadic high latency, please know that we’re closely watching the situation and working to mitigate them as quickly as possible. We’ll be posting updates on the @PlayMXMOps account on this and any other service impacting issues.

If you’re experiencing connection or latency issues which you believe to be outside of these attacks, we ask that you please submit a support ticket so we can collect additional information.

While it doesn’t appear servers are going offline, the latency problems are persisting. Keep an eye on that Twitter account for updates.

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