My Beautiful Paper Smile

Horror titles releasing outside the window of Halloween show that there is still a strong player base seeking thrills for more than just one month a year. Two Star Games is capitalizing on that, having its horror title My Beautiful Paper Smile prepping for release into Steam’s Early Access platform in the spring.

Creepy paper faces in My Beautiful Paper Smile

You really only have to take one look at the character designs of My Beautiful Paper Smile to have the imagery locked and stowed in your brain. The studio describes its title as a “dark, dreamlike horror adventure through a world of strange science, spirits and the dark obsession.” And if you’re like me and listen to approximately 20 different true crime and conspiracy theory podcasts, most of which are dark and grim, then you’re probably going to find something here that you enjoy.

My Beautiful Paper Smile 1

As the title suggests, the world is built on paper, having the environment and its characters sketched out of graphite pencil. This contrast of dark sketching on white paper, matched with the dimly lit environments, provides the right amount of eerie for your experience. This also goes to further show the flexibility of Unreal Engine 4, which is powering My Beautiful Paper Smile.

Not quite summer 2020

It looks like you will have a short time to wait until you can play My Beautiful Paper Smile. As of right now, Two Star Games plans to launch the game onto Steam Early Access in “late spring.” However, it seems like the studio is treating it somewhat like an episodic adventure as, during the initial Early Access launch, both Chapters 1 and 2 will release. Although, when Chapter 3 arrives, it will bring along with it a “major update” before the story concludes in the fall with the fourth and final chapter.

My Beautiful Paper Smile currently does not have a price listed. However, if you’re wanting to add the game to your Steam wishlist, the option is available. Outside of that, you can visit the official site for more info.

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