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Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Deadtoast have revealed that My Friend Pedro is heading to PC on June 20. A freakish love child between John Wick, Max Payne, and a banana (don’t ask), My Friend Pedro blends bullet time, acrobatics, and slaughter together in one neat package. Oh, yes, and there’s a banana involved. Apparently, he wants you to kill things.

The perplexing nature of a murderous, sentient banana aside, My Friend Pedro looks like a treat for fans of Wick-style Gun fu. You run along a 2D plane, gunning enemies down or just kicking them for good measure. Like a ballet of bullets, your character spins and flips through the air, dual-wielding guns that can fire from any angle (or split aiming, as it’s called). It’s slick and damn stylish — two of the main ingredients for a lot of Devolver Digital games.

My Friend Pedro Bike devolver digital deadtoast release date

Kill on foot, or from a skateboard or motorcycle.


Master of puppet

But let’s talk about that banana. Since its reveal at E3 last year, My Friend Pedro has featured two main themes: bullets and bananas. Pedro, the banana in question, with its menacingly smug smiley face, has a major role to play in the game. Apparently, he is the puppet master to our death-dealing dude, and you move and murder at his bidding. We’re not sure how this will play in the overall story of the game. But honestly, when you’re spinning in a bloody pirouette through the air as bullets tear through bad guys in slow motion, it probably doesn’t matter much.

The game so far looks astounding. I put My Friend Pedro on my list of most wanted games of this year. It was really more of an afterthought at the time. But if the game plays as good as it looks in the release trailer, I have a feeling that it could end up being one of my favorites this year. Look for My Friend Pedro to hit PC on June 20.

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