My Time At Sandrock Early Access release gameplay

Back in 2020, developer Pathea Games managed to meet its Kickstarter goal for its new project, dubbed My Time at Sandrock. This game serves as a sequel to 2019’s My Time at Portia, a laid-back life sim that impressed quite a few Steam players when it dropped. As the title implies, this follow-up whisks players away to the land of Sandrock, a desert region in desperate need of revitalization. If My Time at Sandrock seems like it would appeal to you, then you can look forward to its Early Access release on May 26.

Players can take part in a variety of activities in their effort to bring Sandrock back from its dire economic state. Throughout the game, players will work to level up their preferred skills and either bond with friends and the local community, or make use of their construction skills to augment production. Partaking in assignments from the town residents will allow players to build all manner of machinery, civic structures, and other constructions. My Time at Sandrock will also feature “hundreds of sidequests,” so it will presumably take quite some time before players run out of things to do.


It’s not all fun and games

In addition to the above, players can roam through the desert underground to mine for materials and uncover items that give more insight into the history of Sandrock. As they explore, players will inevitably run into a whole host of dangerous foes, who they can take on using the game’s revamped combat system. The game provides players with melee and third-person shooting options during combat, and they can also obtain and grow accustomed to multiple kinds of weapons.

It seems that My Time at Sandrock will boast quite a bit of content, which should make its upcoming Early Access release an enticing prospect for those interested. By purchasing the Early Access version, players can access “the first major story act.” Over time, Pathea Games will update the Early Access version with features like multiplayer and additional NPC dialogue, so be sure to stay tuned for those.

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