It’s been brewing for a while (well, more than a while), but now the frustration over a lack of communication from Valve over the future of the Half Life franchise seems to be boiling over.
A Steam member group demanding more information on the subject has hit over 10,000 members in three weeks. An open letter on the group’s page expresses anger over the lack of announcements and the way in which fans have repeatedly failed to be “acknowledged” by the company.
“Instead of focusing efforts in a negative and disrespectful way, we have decided to gain Valve’s attention by delivering a basic message: your oldest and longest running fanbase would like better communication,” the letter reads.
“Waiting patiently for over four years is a daunting task, especially when E3 comes and goes without any beat of a Half-Life pulse, time and time again. Valve had stated that information was scheduled to be released towards the end of 2008, and we believe that if they have chosen, for whatever reason, to withhold this information, fans should at least be acknowledged in some way, regardless of developmental plans for the next Half-Life project.
“The entire trilogy of episodes was supposed to be completed and released by 2007, and if Valve have decided to do other things for the time being, that is fine; all that we ask for is a basic response on the matter, and to let fans know whether or not the current story arc is scheduled to conclude at another point in time.”
Continuing, the letter points out that the goal of the group is not to rush development, but for Valve to improve their communication on the matter.
Half Life 2: Episode 2 was released way back in October 2007, with fans of the series not knowing whether the next installment will take the form of an Epiode 3 or a full blown Half Life 3 game. 
Quite frankly, given the wait, if the next game isn’t of the ‘full-blown’ variety I’m going to be disapponted.
Valve has been pretty busy since the launch of Episode 2 however, releasing two Portal games, two Left 4 Dead games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and various tweaks and updates for Team Fortress 2.
Source: Steam

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