Mystery alpha, war of the roses

    Step right up ladies and gents, roll the dice for a mystery alpha project from War of the Roses developer Fatshark. The chaps behind the recent Yorkshire vs Lancashire sword slashing sim are now working on something else. But what? Who knows! Well, they presumably do.

    Whatever it is will be revealed in just over (at the time of writing) 125 hours time. Which means, oohh, about Tuesday afternoon (6 August) if you’re working in Pacific Time. You don’t actually have to wait to discover what it is to sign up, however. No no, if you wish to take a chance on being interested no matter what then head over to this page to sign yourself up. Just cross your fingers that it’s not a stealth sign-up for horrible medical experiments.

    By the sounds of that page, the alpha (whatever it is) will be starting later in August.

    Peter Parrish

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