Warhammer Online developer AdamG has explained on the game’s official forums how many of WAR’s stats work.

He starts off my stating that the figures used in the explanation are “100% Pigwank”, warning players that they are just round numbers that make a better example. The main point of the post is to demonstrate how the offensive stats – Strength, Intellect and Ballistics –  work against Toughness, the main defensive stat.

“In our game offensive stats (STR/INT/BS) have always fought directly against TOU for the amount of bonus damage dealt to a target. In WAR the bonus damage dealt is calculated directly from comparing your ATK stat to your DEF stat. For example

* A Bright Wizard with 900 Intelligence attacks a Chosen with 500 Toughness. The attack bonus for the bright wizard’s attack is  400.

* A Chosen with 600 Strength attacks a Bright wizard with 200 Toughness. The attack bonus for the Chosen is 400.”

He goes on to explain the differences between the calculations in the current build, 1.2.1, and the upcoming new build 1.3. The value of taking extra toughness in 1.3 is also explained.

Read the lengthy forum post at the official WAR site.

Paul Younger
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